Traditional East Asian Medicine is a powerful medical system that has been practiced for over 3000 years.

Traditional Asian Medicine, especially acupuncture has become a viable natural health care option and the benefits are clearly recognized and documented in Western medical journals. Acupuncture is a safe, painless and non-invasive way to stimulate the natural healing processes of the body.


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Meet Dr. Kim M. Filkins

Dr. Kim M. Filkins

Dr. Kim M. Filkins is licensed by the state of Indiana as a practitioner of acupuncture and she is recognized by the National Certification Commission of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine. She first studied traditional Asian medicine at Yo San University in Los Angeles, California and then finished her training at Midwest College of Oriental Medicine in Racine, Wisconsin.

Zen Penguin Wellness Clinic

Our clinic offers a variety of wellness options including acupuncture, lifestyle coaching and nutritional consultations to help our clients reach both short term goals, as well as long term wellness objectives. We tailor our treatment plans to fit your medical needs. This means that every patient receives a customized plan specific to your conditions, needs and health goals. We are completely devoted to helping you find the perfect path to total health and wellness.

I met Dr Kim Filkins at Studio You’s Yoga Nidra + Acupuncture workshop. I have been practicing holistic feeding and veterinary medicine for my pet companions, but I hadn’t been doing any of that for myself. I am a scientist employed by Big Pharma, so I always assumed that was the solution for my medical issues. However, after seeing the results of TCVM for the animals, I decided to try it for my own health. After only a couple acupuncture sessions and the knowledge Dr Filkins shared with me for a holistic remedy, my GERD had finally calmed down. While continuing acupuncture, understanding more about the foods I eat, plus taking the suggested herbal concoctions; I have been able to get off of Big Pharma pills – for GERD, high BP and Cholesterol. I’ve also been able to lose some weight, while under the care of Dr Filkins. I am now on a journey to be free of the psychotropic pills for my GAD (general anxiety.) Kim is extremely knowledgeable with Traditional Chinese Medicine philosophy and practices. She is very good at explaining it, so it’s understandable. She’s very patient and personalizes her patients treatments. Her nutritional suggestions helped me to switch to a healthy plant based diet; which was something I was wanting to do because of my love for animals. Acupuncture gave me more physical energy, beginning immediately after my first session. The points that Dr Filkins targeted – helped me medically, but also resulted in feeling of being more connected spiritually with universal energy. Big Pharma was only treating the symptoms of my issues. That only led to adding another prescription pill and that was only stressing me out. Kim gets to the root of the issue(s) and was able to help me with my whole self. What she does is not “woo woo”, it’s true true and I am a believer! Also, I would like to mention, I appreciate the free educational newsletter and her invaluable connection to the holistic community.

Jen E.


Strives to find solutions

Dr. Filkins is great!  She listens to her patients and earnestly strives to find solutions for their everyday health and living.

Mike S.


Chronic Pain Relief!

No other doctors have been able to help me with my chronic ailments from my 21 years of service in the military. Until I met Dr. Kim. She has been the only one that has given me any type of relief. She makes you feel like you are the only patient she has. If you’re looking for a doctor that isn’t trying to rush your treatment and truly cares about improving your life I recommend Dr. Kim.

Kevin B.


Game Changer

The therapy I receive from Kim has been a game changer in my life. Through Kim’s treatments, I am able to better manage my chronic conditions.



Arthritic Fingers

My knuckles were pretty painful and went for 5 treatments of 30 minutes each. I was very skeptical but the end results were great. I have no pain and am able to make a fist with more power. Other areas of my body also improved. Recommend this for pain in joints, muscles etc. . As needed I will continue to use Kim.



You’re a Life Saver!

I have been in constant pain in my knees, back, hip and sciatic from osteoarthritis, with cortizone shots in my spine and hip. A coworker mentioned that her friend Kim has an acupuncture practice, that it would help. After 6-7 treatments along with cupping and IT band work I am practically pain free. It is amazing how much much better I feel because of Kim and acupuncture, cupping. Thank you Kim, you’re a life saver.



Absolutely Outstanding!!

Kim is absolutely outstanding as a practitioner and as a human being. I have come to her at my most vulnerable — when in screaming pain with a sciatic nerve injury, and after a crush injury to my foot that left me in pain for many months. Everything about her approach is thoughtful, expert, compassionate and tailor-made. She has helped heal my body and renew my spirits when times were tough. I recommend her every chance I get.



PAIN FREE! Amazing!!

I have been battling severe pain in my left hand and thumb and wrist since Sept 2019. I have tried everything- even an orthopedic hand specialist. There were times it hurt to touch the skin on that wrist. Kim did it!!! My hand doesn’t hurt – after only 3 treatments. I can make quilts, pick up my 2-year-old grandson, clean, paint, sleep- PAIN-FREE! Amazing!!

Cathy B.


East Asian Medicine with Dr. Kim

We talk east asian medicine, ayurveda, preventative care, the rockefellers and more in this fun episode with Dr. Kim Filkins of Zen Penguin Wellness.

Featured On Awaken Indy
Ep. #10 w/ Kim Filkins: Pain Management, Acupuncture, and Moxibustion.

The opioid epidemic is on the rise with many side effects and overdoses accompanying this trend. Kim is a licensed acupuncturist and Chinese herbalist. She uses a broad spectrum of modalities to help clients address pain,  improve their physiology, eat better, and promote overall wellness.

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