PAIN FREE! Amazing!!

I have been battling severe pain in my left hand and thumb and wrist since Sept 2019. I have tried everything- even an orthopedic hand specialist. There were times it hurt to touch the skin on that wrist. Kim did it!!! My hand doesn’t hurt – after only 3 treatments. I can make quilts, pick up my 2-year-old grandson, clean, paint, sleep- PAIN-FREE! Amazing!! – Cathy B.

Absolutely Outstanding!!

Kim is absolutely outstanding as a practitioner and as a human being. I have come to her at my most vulnerable — when in screaming pain with a sciatic nerve injury, and after a crush injury to my foot that left me in pain for many months. Everything about her approach is thoughtful, expert, compassionate and tailor-made. She has helped heal my body and renew my spirits when times were tough. I recommend her every chance I get. – Kate

You’re a Life Saver!

I have been in constant pain in my knees, back, hip and sciatic from osteoarthritis, with cortizone shots in my spine and hip. A coworker mentioned that her friend Kim has an acupuncture practice, that it would help. After 6-7 treatments along with cupping and IT band work I am practically pain free. It is amazing how much much better I feel because of Kim and acupuncture, cupping. Thank you Kim, you’re a life saver. – Kathryn

Outstanding Results!!

I’m thoroughly happy with the service I received from Kim. I was VERY skeptical before I started the acupuncture treatments. I don’t like needles and just the thought of being stuck all over with needles made me queasy. I have been going to Kim for 9 months now. I’m thrilled that I am now off of two meds the doctors said were vital to staying alive. The meds were fogging my brain and making me feel less than energetic. I now feel great and the acupuncture is keeping me from having to return to the debilitating medications. Kim has also done extensive research on my condition, so adding additional natural lifestyle choices has helped me feel like a new man. – Calvin

Arthritic Fingers

My knuckles were pretty painful and went for 5 treatments of 30 minutes each. I was very skeptical but the end results were great. I have no pain and am able to make a fist with more power. Other areas of my body also improved. Recommend this for pain in joints, muscles etc. . As needed I will continue to use Kim.

Game Changer

The therapy I receive from Kim has been a game changer in my life. Through Kim’s treatments, I am able to better manage my chronic conditions.


Had my first acupuncture session at Three Moons Acupuncture today for my back and all I can say is wow!! Walked in with a pain level of an 8 and left with my pain level lowered to a 5! Also was so relaxed, refreshed and destressed afterwards! It’s been so long since my mind has been this clear!! Looking forward to seeing the results after some more sessions!! – Cody


Kim is fantastic. She is helping me heal my thyroid right now. I feel better every week. Thanks Kim. – Dawn

Flu No More

The other night I was having flu-like symptoms. I had everything… the stuffy nose, the hot flashes and the headache. I saw Kim and she performed her acupuncture techniques on me. I was scared at first, but she talked me through it. She is very easy to talk to and makes you feel very comfortable. She is very passionate about her job. She was very professional and she answered all the questions I had about acupuncture. After the twenty minutes of having acupuncture done on me, I no longer had the flu-like symptoms. I was very pleased with the results. I plan to see her again in the future and recommend her for anyone. She is the best!

Edgar O.

Helped my daughter’s hip pain

I brought my daughter in for hip pain and we were amazed at how acupuncture with the help of Kim M. Filkins helped relieve these symptoms. We will highly recommend Kim and will return for tune ups whenever needed. Thank You Kim for all you do! – Lisa Q.

No more pain!

Kim does great work! She’s patched me up several times and the pain stays away. Thanks Kim! — Mo W.

Pain and insomnia relief

Kim is very skilled, knowledgeable, and caring. Kim took the time to understand my pain and alleviate it in a very short… time. Kim also helped me with herbal therapies for sleep that worked with great success. This is more comforting to me than spending nights in a doctors sleep study. Thanks Kim! — Angela E.

Helped me feel better

Kim is very knowledgeable and helpful. I’m truly appreciative of the time she took with me to really understand how I was feeling and then catering my treatment based on that. I feel great and I’m so happy I made the decision to seek out her help 🙂 — Rebecca S.

Thank you so much!

“Thank you so much for helping me lose over 70 pounds and having so much more energy and better health!” – Kristy B.

Chronic Pain Relief!!

“No other doctors have been able to help me with my chronic ailments from my 21 years of service in the military. Until I met Dr. Kim. She has been the only one that has given me any type of relief. She makes you feel like you are the only patient she has. If your looking for a doctor that isn’t trying to rush your treatment and truly cares about improving your life I recommend Dr. Kim.” – Kevin B.