Fall is a favorite season for many people.  The weather starts getting a little cooler, things are beginning to slow down and preparations for the holidays are in full swing.  For many others, fall is not so festive.  Many people get sick during the fall months, allergies can flare up for some, and many don’t like that the hours of sunlight decrease steadily, sometimes leading to seasonal depression.  Here are some tips on how to get through the season of fall without incident.

Wear a scarf.  Scarves don’t have to be thick or heavy, but they should cover the neck.  The large intestine channel runs up the arms, across the shoulders, up the neck, over the face and ends next to the nose.  As many people now know, the health of our gastrointestinal tract plays a big part in our immunity.  So keeping the large intestine channel warm and preventing exposure from the elements will help to keep you healthy.  Cold pathogens can enter the body through the pores or nasal cavity.  But wrapping the neck and shoulders with a scarf can help ward off the pathogens.

Another way to keep the organs associated with fall, the lung and large intestine, balanced is to eat according to the season.  This means eat foods that are available during the autumn months as well as foods that boost the energy of the lung and large intestine meridians.  In the fall, you should eat fewer cold and raw foods like salads and instead you should eat more warm and cooked foods.  Utilizing the foods that are available at this time of year is a good practice as well.  Foods to enjoy during the fall months include apples, squash, broccoli, sweet potatoes, pears, yams, bananas, cabbage, carrots, cranberries, ginger, pumpkin, cinnamon, nutmeg and wild rice.  Also hot herbal teas are a good addition to your daily diet, especially those containing ginger and lemon, which act as natural antibiotics.

The large intestine and the lungs need to stay moist to function properly.  So drinking lots of water is important, even during the fall.  Without proper hydration the skin, which is controlled by the lung meridian, can become dry and cracked allowing pathogens to easily enter the body.  The large intestine meridian needs proper hydration to be able to expel any pathogens that have gotten into the system.  So don’t forget to drink lots of water during the fall.

Fall is the season of letting go.  Just as the trees let go of the brightly colored leaves, so too should you let go of whatever is bogging you down.  This can include physical items like clothing, as well as items that are clogging up your mental closet, like unresolved emotions.  Letting go of attachments can make way for growth and regeneration to occur in the spring.

Finally, as the fall months approach, it is also a good idea to increase your regular acupuncture treatments.  There are many acupuncture points that help boost immunity, fight off colds, help with releasing emotions and improve digestion.  Why not utilize the natural power that acupuncture has to offer?  By doing so, you might just survive the fall without ever getting sick and be better prepared for the upcoming months and seasons to follow.

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